BRG Ready Mix

Ready Mixed Concrete is manufactured under computer-controlled operations and transported and placed at site using sophisticated equipment and methods. The numerous benefits are:

  • Uniform, consistent and assured quality of concrete
  • Flexibility in concrete design mixes
  • Easier addition of admixtures
  • Faster and speedier construction
  • Reduced inventories, material handling and storage of raw materials at sites
  • Savings in labour requirements, labour costs and supervision of labour
  • Reduced wastage of materials

The use of RMC is an environmental friendly practice that ensures a cleaner work place and causes minimal disturbance to its surroundings. This makes its utility more significant in crowded cities and sensitive localities.

In contrast to this, conventional methods of making, transporting and placing concrete at most construction sites are somewhat labour-intensive and suffer from practices which may be erratic and not very systematic.

Therefore the use of Ready Mixed Concrete can prove to more cost effective in the longer term while ensuring that structures are built faster and using concrete that comes with higher levels of quality assurance.